Core Fitness is a progressive physiotherapy and Training  centre in Halkidiki. We are committed to helping you recover quickly from pain or injury, keep fit and shape up. Our physiotherapists and Training  instructors are driven by a singular passion: To put mobility and vitality back into your life. In short, we get you moving again!

At PhysioGains  Physiotherapy and training Centre, we integrate conventional physiotherapy treatments with Rehabilitation Pilates . For those who want quality Pilates workouts, we offer closely supervised fitness and rehab Pilates classes to suit different needs and fitness levels.

Functional Training space

Physiogains  is excited to announce completion of our functional rehabilitation and gym space.  We are now perfectly equipped to not only take you from early rehabilitation through to late stage rehabilitation, but also optimise your sporting performance


  • Clinical Strength Classes
  • Functional Fitness
  • Strength Classes

Physiotherapy room

Physiogains has 3 large rooms fully equipped with the latest therapeutic technology:​



GYM is a great location to expand or enhance one's workout or simply to check out a new location for exercising. ... Please be respectful of other users in the room and abide by the policies/rules of the PhysioGains . 

Massage room

Massage room with relaxing environment with a tranquil, relaxing space free from anxiety .Paint the room a neutral earth tone. Soft, neutral colors promote a relaxed mood.



11:00 AM - 20.00PM



Meg.Aelxandrou 27 

Kallithea Halkidiki

Tel: 23740 24422


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